Journal of Civil Defense

Journal Of Civil Defense - The Basics of Survival
Spring 2008 Volume 41 - Issue 1
The Basics of Survival

In This Issue

"Food and Water"

Many people have inquired about the types of foods that can be eaten after a nuclear event. In this article, we will address some of the “do’s” and “do not’s” of post-nuclear survival, particularly as they relate to food and water.

Fallout from a nuclear explosion consists of tiny particles of dirt and debris fused with fission products. Alpha and beta particles in the fallout can persist for long periods of time and will contaminate any food to which it comes in contact. On the other hand, gamma radiation from the fallout is not a particle and does not contaminate food. Our challenge will be in differentiating between foods that can and cannot be cleansed of alpha and beta particles... Continue Reading

Also Contains Articles on:

Shelter, Radiation, Small Alternative Energy System, Earthquake Preparedness, cpr, Attack Preparedness, EMP Protection, First Aid Preparation and the New Ham Advisor.

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