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The Standard Since 1976

Every disaster of consequence proves one thing beyond all doubt: that a simple, standard, thoroughly functional casualty triage tag is needed if we are to be serious about maximizing the survival rate of victims.

Tested and developed under the scrutiny of doctors, nurses, firefighters, rescue personnel, industrial safety experts, travel safety directors, and civil defense specialists, the original METTAG MT-137 Triage Tag was developed to MAXIMIZE SURVIVORS in war or any emergency that benefits from medical triage.

Many variations of triage tags have been used over the last several decades. Most tags, though, are far too complicated for rapid first response use. The need for a simple and effective triage tag without language barriers will always exist. METTAG is committed to keeping the MT-137 as close to its initial design over 40 years ago, much to the appreciation of the professionals for whom it was developed. The Original MT-137 Medical Emergency Triage Tag is constructed of a high-density damage resistant synthetic material and is printed using a special thermal printing process, allowing use in the harshest and most demanding field situations. Additionally, each Medical Emergency Triage Tag is equipped with a 30-inch elastic band, which is used for attaching the tag to the victim's body, usually around the neck or to an available limb.

Some notable features are:

  • Fire resistant up to 475 degrees
  • Water-proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Tear-proof
  • UV light and heat resistant
  • A universal tool, with no language barriers, and minimal training for use
  • Standard graphic symbols ad a four-color tear-off triaging system
  • Simple and effective tag for fast triaging in the field
  • Unique barcodes for use of tracking and identifying victims and their belongings
  • As of January 2019, proudly made in the USA

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TACDA is a non-profit organization funded primarily by the sales of METTAG triage tags.

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