Journal of Civil Defense 2009, Volume 42, Issue 1, “Food Preservation”




2 President’s Message

Annual Meeting Agenda

From the Editor

3 Letters to the Editor

4 Food Dating

Codes, dates and what they mean.

5 Cruising Without the Fridge

By Beth A. Leonard

Fridge-free tips and tricks that work even in the tropics.

13 The Traveler

By John S. Farnam

Meth labs in motels.

14 The Pressure Cooker: An Overlooked Preparedness Tool

By N.J., Jim Rawles (JWR)

17 My Daughter’s Death Will Not Be In Vain!

Darrell Scott’s testimony given before the House Judiciary

subcommittee on crime.

18 Living a Sheltered Life

By Paul Seyfried and Sharon Packer

Shelter design.

20 North Korean Threat

Is it real?

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