NuWick 120 Hour Candle

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Product discontinued. See TriWick replacement.

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The NuWick 120 hour candle is perfect for outdoor recreation, camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing; and for providing the one fail safe source of lighting, heating and cooking for emergency preparedness. Be prepared for blackouts, off road emergencies and disasters!

The NuWick 120 hour candle is simple to use: Using tweezers, light a wick and place on wax base. Move wick with tweezers for even burning and maximum light. To extinguish, place flame into liquid wax, then place on dry wax base.

If more light, heating or cooking is desired, place two wicks on wax base. Each wick gives 20 hours of burning. Using more wicks cuts down hours of usage.


  • 14 oz. specially formulated wax
  • 6 wicks
  • tweezers
  • matches

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Weight 19 oz
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