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Helping You Prepare for and Survive Emergencies and Disasters

We’re All About Your Survival

The mission of The American Civil Defense association (TACDA) is to provide education, products and resources that empower American Citizens with a comprehensive understanding of reasonable preparedness strategies and techniques; promoting a self-reliant, pro-active approach to protecting themselves, their families and their communities in the event of nuclear, biological, chemical or other manmade and natural disasters.

Recent Article in the Journal of Civil Defense


As I prepared the new Journal of Civil Defense Archives page on the new website, I was able to read many past issues of the Journal. I found that there is a wealth of knowledge on civil defense issues that can't be found anywhere but from TACDA. What a thrill to be able to bring to light the many decades of service through education, from past and present highly intelligent, wise, patriots who care deeply about our country, and its people and their prosperity. It is such a privilege to be part of this organization. It is truly special!

One of the first things you may notice on the new website is that TACDA memberships are now FREE for LIFE! The mission of The American Civil Defense Association is to empower individuals, families, and communities through education to be prepared for and survive both man made disasters and emergencies. By offering memberships for free we are better able to achieve this goal.

Here is what you can expect from your TACDA life time membership...

Also Contains Articles on:

Hand Infections-How to Prevent Loss of Life or Limb, Create Your Own Legacy of Seeds, Building a Home Fallout Shelter, Electromagnetic Pulse Hazards, Take the Bite out of Frostbite, Hypothermia: How to Prevent this Deadly Killer, Shelter Filtration, What if Yellowstone Erupts?, Useful Emergency Communication Tools, Alternative Water for the Long Haul, TACDA Refreshed

2019 Vol 52 Issue 1 Exciting Changes

Volume 52 - Issue 1

TACDA Academy Logo

TACDA Academy

The TACDA Academy provides free essential detailed education for everyone.

In the TACDA Academy, you can access a growing series of online courses. These courses contain materials and information that have been collected over decades of research. They can help empower you, your family and your community with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to be prepared for all types of natural and manmade disasters and emergencies.

  • NBC Weapons Effects
  • Sheltering
  • EMP and Radiation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Food and Water Storage
  • and more….

Newest blog post - Living (and Preaching) the Sheltered Life

FEMA Offers Tools, Information to Help You Prepare for Severe Weather & Hurricane Season

WASHINGTON – Severe weather season is here and hurricane season is just around the corner. FEMA wants to help make sure you and your family have the tools you need to prepare, before disaster strikes.