A large explosion in the sky with water around it.

Former Nuclear Fallout Shelters a Grim Reminder Of Cold War Brinksmanship

By Allan Stein, Epoch Times March 2, 2022  At the height of the Cold War, when America’s children were taught to ...
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A large explosion with yellow and red colors.

Radiation Issues

The explosion of a nuclear charge in a big city. By: Sharon Packer (TACDA Board Member) The nuclear threat from ...
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A man in suit and tie at podium with microphones.

Kennedy on Civil Defense

The following is a letter from President John F. Kennedy to the members of Congress and read by Stewart Pittman ...
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A series of photographs showing the inside of an underground facility.

A safe-room tip!

Hi. James here. I have a question for you: I am in the beginning process of building a barn with ...
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History of the 1960s Fallout Shelter Program

In response to an inquiry by Michael McFall, reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune By Paul Seyfried The National Facility ...
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