Journal of Civil Defense 2009, Volume 42, Issue 4, “EMP”


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3) Electromagnetic Pulse: Warnings to Congress

EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold at risk the continued existence of civil society within the U.S.

By TACDA Staff

4) Recognizing EMP

How will we know there has been an EMP?

By Chuck Fenwick

6) EMP & Facility Protection

Shielding equipment and “hardening” shelter rooms.

By TACDA Staff

9) Specifics of EMP Shielding for Home Shelters

Living a sheltered life the Swiss way.

By Paul Seyfried & Sharon Packer

11) Evacuation During an EMP Crisis

When and where will you go immediately following an EMP?

By Sharon Packer

13) A Look at How We Braced for the Worst

Renewed interest in LA county’s current disaster management program.

By Troy Anderson

15) Selecting Areas for Tornado Protection

The best strategies for seeking refuge during a tornado.

By Kirk Paradise

19) Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina

A first-hand account and tips you should know.

By Ken on the Gulf Coast

21) Telephone Tips to Support Your Emergency Communications Plan


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