Journal of Civil Defense 2018, Volume 51, Issue 1, “Emergency Water Storage”

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By Cynthia J. Koelker, MD
Guidelines for helping loved ones deal with post-traumatic stress disorder in the aftermath of a life-threatening disaster.

6 Rainwater Harvesting: A Critical “Peace” of Being Prepared
By Jonathan B. Jones, PE
Advantages to harvesting rainwater to replenish water supplies in an emergency.

8 The Energy Efficiency of “Instant Pot” Type Electronic Pressure Cookers
By Jay Whimpey, PE
Electronic pressure cookers are useful in an emergency situation due
to ease of use and low energy consumption.

9 Stay and Defend!
By Colonel Jim Smith, MSS, NRP, FABCHS, CPC, CLEE
Preparing to shelter-in-place and understanding when a situation warrants it.

11 EMP Hardened Solar Energy
By Paul Seyfried
Solar panels are a critical part of back-up power system.

14 Disinfecting Water in a 55-Gallon Barrel for Long-Term Storage
By Kylene Anne Jones
Clear instructions for disinfecting water in a 55-gallon barrel for long-term storage using calcium hypochlorite or liquid unscented bleach.

15 Mexican Tortilla Lasagna–Fine Dining from Shelf-Stable Food Storage
By Megan Smith
Delicious recipe using retained heat cooking to conserve fuel stores.

18 Children and Civil Defense
By Bruce Curley
Resources for teaching children important civil defense skills.

22 Cracking Walnuts for Survival
By Jay Whimpey, PE
The addition of an electric drive to a rotary nutcracker substantially reduces the time and effort to recover walnuts from shells, providing a significant advantage in a survival situation.

24 Long-Term Emergency Water Storage: 6 Easy Steps
By Jonathan B. Jones, PE
Store critical drinking water supplies by following these 6 easy steps.

27 Safe Drinking Water in Any Situation
By Kirk Sample
Strategies for filtering water to make it safe to drink.

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