Journal of Civil Defense 2019, Volume 53, Issue 2, “Biological Warfare, Can you Survive?”


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3 Civil Defense Chaplaincy
By Major Steven Mathews, Civil Air Patrol Chaplain
A chaplain’s unique role in disaster relief and civil defense.

6 How FEMA Could Lose America’s Next Great War
By Quin Lucie, Attorney with the Federal Emergency Management Agency
Why has the US Government ended its decades long national mobilization and civil defense programs, and what a new program for civil defense might look like.

8 Bug Out or Bug In—How to Know When to Go (or Stay)
By Jonathan and Kylene Jones
A comprehensive guide to knowing when you should evacuate or shelter in place in an emergency or disaster.

17 Oral Re-hydration Therapy (On a Budget)
By Jay Whimpey, PE
Learn how to create your own oral re-hydration solution (ORS) in case of severe dehydration. A hydration technique taught by the World Health Organization made simple and affordable.

20 Lead Exposure During Firearms Training: A Significant Hazard?
By Colonel Jim Smith, MSS, NRP, FABCHS, CPC, CLEE
Colonel Smith reveals the significant hazards of lead exposure when firing a weapon, and how to reduce the impact it has on your health.

23 U.S. Dependence on Foreign Mineral Resources
By Dr. Gary Sandquist, PhD, MBA, PE, SE, CHP, CQA
American reliance on foreign mineral resources threatens our security as a nation.

25 The Current State of Nuclear Electrical Power in the United States
By Dr. Gary Sandquist, PhD, MBA, PE, SE, CHP, CQA
Are nuclear plants sustainable, safe, reliable and affordable in our modern world?

28 Surviving Chemical/Biological Warfare
By Sharon Packer, MS Nuclear Engineering & Paul Seyfried, Civil Defense Advocates
The possibilities for human survival in a chemical/biological attack.

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