Journal of Civil Defense 2017, Volume 50, Issue 1, “Will You Be Ready?”




3 Preppers are Pessimists!

By Jonathan B. Jones
Perspectives on being a so-called Prepper.

4 Surviving Chemical Attack

By Zachariah A. Amela
An introductory guide to lethal chemical agents, how they might be deployed, and what may be done to prepare.

7 Evacuations: When and How?

By Colonel Jim Smith
Individuals must be familiar with the laws regarding forced evacuations and have an individual or family written policy regarding evacuations.

10 Understanding Nuclear Fallout or Rainout

By Sharon Packer
Excerpts from Carsten Haaland’s articles on Nuclear Weapons Effects.

14 Managing Pain in a Pinch

By Cynthia J. Koelker, MD
If and when the medical community collapses, those left to carry on will need an armament of tools to deal with pain.

19 Fresh, Homemade Yogurt

By Jennifer Smith
Experiment with different kinds of milk, brands of starter, and incubation methods – enjoy!

22 Extending the Life of Lead Acid Batteries

By Jay Whimpey, PE
Lead acid batteries are normally considered a consumable item – extending their life can be a significant advantage.

24 Community: A Critical Link to Survival

By Jonathan B. and Kylene Anne Jones
A strong community may play the determining factor in how well you come out of the challenges that lie in the future.

29 Powdered Milk is Nothing to Gag on Anymore

By Debbie Kent
This food storage item has “come a long way baby”!

30 Data Situational Awareness

By Bruce Curley
Like applying sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, you can apply a variety of measures to prevent your data from being stolen or compromised.

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