Vitamin D is the Key, By Jay Whimpey, TACDA President

In my opinion, Vitamin D is the key to preventing and treating viral infections.  I have been experimenting with various means of avoiding viral infections for many decades and have discovered that vitamin D is the best solution for preventing or combating such infections.

Every time I would get the flu or a cold I would try a new solution.  I have tried various over-the-counter remedies with zinc and vitamin C.  I have also tried colloidal silver and zinc sulfate that are purported to kill virus.  I tried a packet of vitamins from a particular provider at one time that had many different vitamins and it seemed to make a noticeable difference.  Through the process of elimination during subsequent infections I gradually discovered that Vitamin D was the most effective preventative measure and treatment for viral infections.


The daily recommended dose of vitamin D is 400 IU but I determined that that amount is inadequate for preventing viral infections.  I have determined through my experience that an adult needs about 5000 IU per day to deal with such infections.  I have experimented with both the D1 and D3 types of vitamin D and discovered that they were both equally effective.

Vitamin C from the Sun

In hindsight, I should have focused in on vitamin D earlier because there is obviously a “flu season†in the winter months when the population receives less exposure to the sun that also provides vitamin D to the body.  I lived in Texas for a couple of years and noticed that there was kind of a flu season there in the summer.  I would guess that the population in warmer climates may actually get less exposure to the sun because they are more inclined to stay indoors when it is so hot and uncomfortable outside.

The Key to a Healthy Immune System

There is plenty of information in available literature to indicate that vitamin D is very important for immune system function as well as strong bones as such.  Again, in hindsight, I should have looked at vitamin D much earlier.

I have shared my observations with friends and family who have largely corroborated my results.  There was one particular instance where a young mother was almost constantly taking her children to the doctor for ear infections and various other viral infections.  When she started supplementing their food with vitamin D the infections largely ceased.  She said that the results were “miraculousâ€!  I also discussed my observations with a man whose father was a doctor.  His father had discovered this as well and had insisted that his children spend more time in the sun when they developed a fever.  They experienced very favorable results.

My Personal Results

I have been infection free for quite some time now.  There have been some times that I have felt the scratchy throat and felt the small bumps in the back of my throat which are the early signs of infection and I have taken a little extra vitamin D along with a multi-vitamin pill roughly once per week and have been able to avoid respiratory infections.

I have always been concerned about communicable respiratory illnesses and always felt like this was the greatest weakness for land animals.  I guess the gills would be the greatest weakness for fish because vulnerable tissues are have to be exposed to various disease causing organisms in the environment.  This discovery provides a little extra protection for those types of infections.

I have also discovered that chocolate, peanuts, and sugar tend to depress the immune system so I would suggest that you avoid those food items in excess if you feel the early signs of infection.

I hope that this information helps in your quest to protect yourselves and your families during this period of global pandemic of the corona virus.

Jay Whimpey, PE

President of The American Civil Defense Association