Emergency Home Preparations

Modern Safety Precautions and Security Advancements

by Larry Waters sowsustainability.com Technology and society have both advanced at a breakneck pace in recent years, with little sign ...
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A wooden structure that is being built.

A Design Concept for a Multi-Use Fallout Shelter, Including Small Ventilation System

Post beams with lowest wall board in plastic. By Jay Whimpey A Design Concept for a Multi-use Fallout Shelter Fallout ...
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A car that is sitting in the dirt.

Learn How to Use Social Media for Help in a Disaster

12/09/2021 Shared from the poetslife blog at https://poetslife.blogspot.com/2012/05/social-media-lessons-from-joplin.html with permission by owner, Bruce Curley, TACDA Vice President See also Journal ...
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A picture of a carbon monoxide detector.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

What is carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, is called the “Invisible Killer†because it's a colorless, odorless, ...
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A tree that is covered in snow and ice.

Hundreds of People in Texas Suffer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Amid Winter Storm

BY JACK PHILLIPS February 18, 2021 Updated: February 18, 2021biggersmallerPrint from theepochtimes.com The winter storm and power outages in Texas have triggered numerous cases of carbon ...
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A house with a roof and windows in the rain.

How to Protect Your Home Before a Storm

A Checklist of Safety Precautions for Your Pool or Yard BY LISA HALLETT TAYLOR (www.thespruce.com) If a storm or hurricane ...
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A group of people that are standing in the smoke.

From the Los Angeles Times: “Unprecedented power outages begin in California as winds bring critical fire danger.” By JOSEPH SERNA, JACLYN COSGROVE, PATRICK MCGREEVY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFBhSLvgA24#action=share Take advantage of the information given on tacda.org. Prepare your families for emergencies such as this! SACRAMENTO â€”  In an ...
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Bug Out or Bug In—How to Know When to Go (or Stay). By Kylene Jones, The Provident Prepper

We received an email from a prepper friend of ours who was in the path of an oncoming hurricane. He ...
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A candle is lit in the dark with its flame glowing.

Lessons Learned From June 2019 Dallas Blackout

https://youtu.be/Qku8ul87enM Lessons learned from a resident of Dallas, TX who experienced first hand a blackout from a major storm that ...
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… After an Earthquake

What to Do After an Earthquake Expect aftershocks. These secondary shockwaves are usually less violent than the main quake but ...
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