Journal of Civil Defense 2016, Volume 49, Issue 1, “Fire Safety and Survival”

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Cover photo by Carol Greene, Henrietta, New York Fire District Photographer

3 Fire, Safety and Survival – The Real Risks of Fire
By Jay Whimpey, PE

6 Everyone’s Allergic to Something!
by Cynthia J. Koelker, M.D.

10 Disasters Much Bigger than San Bernardino: What Candidates Need to Talk About

By Jane M. Orient, M.D.

12 Letter to a Client: Flat Topped Steel Shelters
By Paul Seyfried

13 How to Survive a Bombing
By Colonel Jim Smith, MSS, CLEE, CPC, NRP, FABCHS

16 Charging Shelter Batteries with Grid Power
By Paul Seyfried & Sharon Packer

17 Rolling Up the ISIS Tactical Use of Social Media
By Bruce Curley

19 Tactical Medicine Essentials: What You Need to Know to Survive
By Colonel Jim Smith, MSS, CLEE, CPC, NRP, FABCHS

21 Building Your Rainy Day Food Storage Fund
By Debbie Kent

23 Our 2nd Amendment and the Current Election Season
By John Farnum

24 Don’t Forget the Gloves!
By Kylene Anne Jones

25 Water From Thin Air
By Jay Whimpey, P.E.

26 Wheat Wheat Everywhere and Not a Grain to Eat!
Or Overcoming Gluten Intolerance
By Kyle Christensen, DC, ND, MH

31 Letter from a New Member
By S. L. Thompson

32 Our Chicken Orchard – A Sustainable Food Source
By Jonathan and Kylene Jones

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