Journal of Civil Defense 2022, Vol. 57, I-2, Nuclear Weapons Effects


Learn about nuclear weapons effects like radiation, how to build a survival garden, sheltering and air filters, emergency communications, and more!


Nuclear Weapons Effects

Learn from our experts about the effects of nuclear weapons and more importantly, how to survive the effects of nuclear weapons. Most people do not know that nuclear war and the effects of radiation are survivable! You can survive a nuclear blast if you are prepared and know what to do. Purchase a subscription to the Journal of Civil Defense and study the TACDA Academy. You will learn all you need to know to keep you and your loved one’s safe.

Also taught in this journal are how to build a family survival garden, how to build an air pump and filter for a small shelter, emergency communications, and the effects of nuclear radiation and how to create a means of protection from its devastating consequences.


 4) Keeping America Locked Down
By Jane M. Orient, M.D.
6) How to Build a Family Survival Garden
By Christian Wilson
9) Air Pump and Filter for Small Shelter
By Jay Whimpey, P.E.
10) Shelter Design Aspects for Both Gamma and Initial Radiation
By Paul Seyfried
14) Q & A: Air Pipes and Blast Valves
By Sharon Packer, MS Nuclear Engineering
16) Crisis Relocation: A Policy Failure Compelled
by Compromise and Wishful Thinking
By Nicholas Studer, M.D., Director, National Museum of Civil Defense
19) Nuclear Weapons Effects – Part 1: Radiation
By TACDA Staff
23) Emergency Communications – Part 3
By Dr. Randall Smith
25) Carbon Dioxide Levels
By Sharon Packer, MS, Nuclear Engineering
28) What We Really Want
By Edward Teller, Ph.D.
29) 50,000,000 Americans: Dead or Alive
31) Fire and Nuclear Weapons

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