A safe-room tip!

Hi. ??James here. ??I have a question for you: I am in the beginning process of building a barn with ...
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Prepare for a Financial Crisis

You Must Be Prepared for the Next Financial Crisis An interview with Bill Bonner, editor, The Bill Bonner Letter -??Bill ...
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History of the 1960s Fallout Shelter Program

In response to an inquiry by Michael McFall, reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune By Paul Seyfried The National Facility ...
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Paper, Plastic … or Cloth?

By Jim Rawles We're sharing an article from our Journal of Civil Defense a few years back - originally found ...
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Christmas Safety Tips

The staff and volunteers at the Red Cross offer these safety tips to help keep the season safe, happy and ...
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Super Storm “Sandy” Forum Report

(photo credit: ?? - google images) TACDA was given permission by Pat Jones (Executive Director and CEO of the International ...
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Fallout Shelters

TACDA received the following email from a concerned citizen: Hello, Due to heightened world tensions I recently contacted Emergency Services ...
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Just in Time Trucking

Just in Time Trucking (Taken from??the Journal of Civil Defense??Archives - Most Americans take for granted the intricate systems ...
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