Thinking About Fitness and BOB

(photo from google images) The following is an excerpt from an article by a reader, S.B. As I stated ...
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My view: Nuclear energy and global warming

By Gary M. Sandquist - TACDA board member (published in the Deseret News - January 5, 2017) December 2017 will ...
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Survival Landscaping

By Kylene and Jonathan Jones The cold, hard fact is that it is almost impossible to store enough nutrient rich ...
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Pragmatic Civil Defense

By W. E. Manry, Jr., M.D . Published in the Journal of Civil Defense; October 1987 (Dr. W. E. "Bill" ...
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One Man’s Preparedness Journey

Watch this story about Peter Larson (a good friend to TACDA board members) on National Geographic's TV show "Doomday Preppers". ...
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Kennedy on Civil Defense

The following is a letter from President John F. Kennedy??to the members of Congress and read by Stewart Pittman October ...
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The Military: making a difference

A not so well known story from the Pentagon on 9-11-2011 (Author Unknown) During a visit with a fellow chaplain, ...
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What to Do With Good News?

By Edward Teller, Ph.D. (published in the Journal of Civil Defense, Spring 1993) I had just finished a delightful lunch ...
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