Thinking About Fitness and BOB

(photo from google images) The following is an excerpt from an article…

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Stick Family under a roof

Living (and Preaching) the Sheltered Life

One organization’s approach to bomb shelters, community relations and longevity. By:  Sharon…

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A person driving in the car with lights on.

Driving After a Natural Disaster

If you are driving after a natural disaster is over, you still…

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A house fire with two firemen on the front of it.

The Real Risks of Fire

Fire Safety and Survival By Jay Whimpey, PE, TACDA Board Member There…

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A view of the white house from across the lawn.

Let There Be Truth.

Let There Be Truth Government, the military and industry have sunk billions…

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Roadblocks to Civil Defense

Roadblocks to Civil Defense By Eugene P. Wigner A renowned physicist and…

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A woman in black bathing suit sitting on the ground.

Managing Pain in a Pinch

by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD Excerpt from Armageddon Medicine, How to Be…

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A large explosion with yellow and red colors.

Radiation Issues

By: Sharon Packer (TACDA Board Member) The nuclear threat from North Korea…

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It’s Wise to Blend in

A John Farnam “Quip” – July 7, 2017 A great deal of…

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A person drinking water from a bottle

Water Purification … EMP

Thoughts on water purification as shared by one of TACDA’s advisory board…

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