North Korea Nuclear EMP Attack: An Existential Threat

We here at the American Civil Defense Association felt this was important to share; Statement for the Record Dr. William ...
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My disaster preparedness secret weapon: Hydrogen Peroxide

BY??ALEX HOLLINGS When putting together a disaster plan, it???s important to prioritize human needs in the way that you prepare.?? ...
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Check out these Water Bricks!

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When You Know the Storm is Coming.

We know there are all kinds of great lists out there, especially pertaining to emergency preparedness. ??We love this one ...
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8 Ways to Appear that You are Home when You???re Away.

Before you head out of town or to visit relatives, you may want to take some security precautions to keep ...
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Present Danger?

(The following was originally printed in the Journal of Civil Defense: June 1978) Excerpts of a statement given by Eugene ...
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What to do in a Terrorist Attack

Green Beret???s Guide to Surviving the Unthinkable: What to do in a Terrorist Attack By SOFREP 06.05.2017 The recent events ...
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Never Despair

March 1, 1955. ??(House of Commons) This was the last great speech made by Winston Churchill in the House of ...
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