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Children and Civil Defense

Are you prepared to keep your children safe, fed, sheltered, healthy, and medically treated when the next emergency strikes? Learn how to educate your children about civil defense with this article from the Journal of Civil Defense 2018, Vol. 51, I-1. Page 19.

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I’m Defending An Unpopular Idea: America Is Good

Our goodness grows or is diminished in direct proportion to our commitment to our founding principles of liberty, justice and equality. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, keep those ideas constantly in front of us as our guiding star.

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John Farnam Interview with Red Gatt On Rifle Use & Training Classes

John Farnam is a nationally ranked LE trainer with 48 years in…

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How soap destroys Covid-19

Yes it’s true! Handwashing is one of the best defenses against bacteria and viruses. Do you know why? How soap destroys Covid-19.

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The Vulnerabilities of the COVID-19 Virus And How To Destroy It

Learn about Covid-19 as a virus and its vulnerabilities and the best ways to keep from getting infected.

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Using Emergency Management During Civil Unrest

Shared with permission from Sitch Radio “This Week we are talking about…

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EM weekly with todd de voe

TACDA Vice President Bruce Curley podcast interview with EM Weekly. Host Todd De Voe.

Host Todd De Voe from EM Weekly interviews Bruce Curley, TACDA Vice…

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How To Prepare for ANY disaster!

Our friends at The Provident Prepper were recently interviewed by the Los…

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A Dust Plume to Remember

While dust routinely blows across the Atlantic Ocean, scientists rarely see plumes as large and dense with particles as the one that darkened Caribbean skies in June 2020.

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‘Coronavirus and Veterans’ Global Virtual Forum to Address Solutions for U.S. Military Veterans Amidst The Pandemic

Live online event to feature Congressional leaders, heads of marquee veteran’s organizations, leading military figures and other expert panelists to address current and emerging COVID-19 impacts and challenges, misconceptions and problem/solution resolutions specific to the veteran community.

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