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Posts Tagged ‘civil defense’

History of the 1960s Fallout Shelter Program

In response to an inquiry by Michael McFall, reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune By Paul Seyfried The National Facility Survey, done in the 1960s, reveals a valuable history of fallout shelters. President Kennedy was a strong advocate of a national shelter program, much like Switzerland???s shelter program is today. His shelter program was modeled…

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Roadblocks to Civil Defense

By Eugene P. Wigner??– (Nov. 1902 – Jan. 1995) ??Renowned physicist and civil defense analyst. Won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1963. (NOTE: This article was originally published in one of TACDA’s first issues of the Journal of Civil Defense??- forty-six years ago, June 1968. It is interesting that, even after all these years,…

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