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Posts Tagged ‘family’

Let There Be Truth.

Let There Be Truth Government, the military and industry have sunk billions into special protective measures for leadership, staff and critical systems in case of nuclear war. But for John Doe, the taxpayer who foots the bill – and his family? . . . Read on. By Frank Williams (Journal of Civil Defense, Jan-Feb 1978)…

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My disaster preparedness secret weapon: Hydrogen Peroxide

BY??ALEX HOLLINGS When putting together a disaster plan, it???s important to prioritize human needs in the way that you prepare.?? To put together a solid short-term??survival??plan, you need only to address the most basic of human necessities: water, shelter, food, and security, but as short-term survival transitions into ???well I guess this is what???s left…

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When You Know the Storm is Coming.

We know there are all kinds of great lists out there, especially pertaining to emergency preparedness. ??We love this one by blogger, Mike Smith, and wanted to share … Get them done immediately! Get prescriptions refilled now, especially if your doctor must approve the refill. If you have a relative at home that requires electricity…

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8 Ways to Appear that You are Home when You???re Away.

Before you head out of town or to visit relatives, you may want to take some security precautions to keep your home safe ??? even if you have a security system.?? Many home intrusions are considered crimes of convenience.?? If a criminal thinks your home looks like an easy target, you might get a rude…

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Christmas Safety Tips

The staff and volunteers at the Red Cross offer these safety tips to help keep the season safe, happy and bright. ???1. Prepare your vehicle for traveling to grandmother???s house. Build an emergency kit and include items such as blankets, jumper cables, road maps, shovel and extra clothing. ???2. Drive your sleigh and reindeer safely.…

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11 Tips for a Safe 4th of July

Medical Author:??Melissa Conrad St??ppler, MD Medical Editor:??William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR Be a safe swimmer. Water sports and fireworks are two of the biggest pastimes for Fourth of July celebrations, and these are both linked to numerous deaths and injuries each year. Never??swim??alone, and make sure that kids’ water play is adequately supervised…

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Assisting Children in Emotionally Overcoming Stress, Trauma, and Fear

solemn, girl

By Josh Lemon ???Bad things happen. As much as we might wish otherwise, close friends and relatives die, painful things happen to our bodies, there are natural disasters and war, and sometimes people do senselessly horrible things to other people.??? ??? George Bonanno and Anthony Mancini. The recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy crossed over 24…

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